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Dans un discours lors de l’Intel Developer Forum de San Francisco, M. Otellini a annoncé qu’Intel pourrait même réduire la consommation électrique des systèmes à un demi-watt dans les années à venir et à 5 watts dans un avenir plus proche.

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Dans un discours lors de l’Intel Developer Forum de San Francisco, M. Otellini a annoncé qu’Intel pourrait même réduire la consommation électrique des systèmes à un demi-watt dans les années à venir et à 5 watts dans un avenir plus proche.

In addition to the TNETC47xx chipset, TI announced it has developed a Wideband DOCSIS reference design that lets equipment manufacturers and service providers evaluate system architectures today, speeding time to market. This will allow multi service operators (MSOs) to quickly offer advanced features and enhanced cable modems, once the standard is approved. The reference design includes documentation, board schematics, production files and DOCSIS software.

Wideband DOCSIS technology will incorporate multiple down and up streams in a single modem, providing higher broadband speeds and greater bandwidth to both business and consumer subscribers. As the standard evolves to include voice, the increased bandwidth and enhanced performance of DOCSIS 3.0 modems will support VoIP conversations and video downloading without impacting the stream of information delivered to and from the home or office.

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AvailabilityTI’s TNETC47xx chipset will sample in the fourth quarter of 2005. TI also expects to deliver its first Wideband DOCSIS reference designs in the same time frame. For more information on TI’s advance VoCable broadband solutions. For more information visit

Farnborough, England — Powerstax plc, formerly Advanced Power Conversion PLC, has introduced its new ZTAH terminal adapter that provides a quick and cost-effective alternative to board mounting standard PC-board half-brick dc/dc converters.

Measuring 1.69 x 2.17 inches, the ZTAH adapter fits the industry standard half-brick dc/dc converter footprint of 2.4 x 2.28 inches. Supplying an option for screw and clamp connections to PC-board, pin-type half-brick modules makes the ZTAH adapter suitable for use during bench testing, design work and industrial applications.

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With a maximum 24-A output power rating, the two rows of 5-mm pitch Screw and Clamp” terminal blocks accommodate 26 to 16 AWG wire. These new adapters provide an easy and repeatable way for system designers to carry out development and test functions while enabling industrial field engineers to integrate, install and replace modules with just a screw driver, said the company.

WP3VEYW_Datasheet PDF

At 0.457 inches high, the low profile ZTAH fits tightly on top of the converters by either solder fit or with a special pluggable option. The single-sided adapter does not hinder the conventional mounting of the converter module and permits units to be cold wall mounted or employ an appropriate Powerstax heat sink.

Prices start at US $17.50 each in quantities of 100.

Für den August erwarten die Marktforscher bereits ein Book-to-Bill-Verhältnis von 1,07. Die Auslastung der Front-end-Linien wird auf 89,4 Prozent veranschlagt. Für die weitere Zukunft, vor allem im kommenden Jahr, rechnen die großen amerikanischen Unternehmen der Branche aber wieder mit einer Durststrecke. So verbuchten die nordamerikanischen Halbleiter-Ausrüster im Juli ein Book-to-Bill-Verhältnis von 0,93, während sich ihre japanischen Konkurrenten über ein Verhältnis zwischen neuen Orders und abgerechneten Aufträgen von 1,08 freuen konnten.

MANHASSET, N.Y. — Mobile phone supplier Nokia and unlicensed mobile access technology supplier Kineto Wireless have announced an agreement to address the area of convergence between fixed and mobile networks and services.

Under the agreement, Nokia will incorporate Kineto's (Milpitas, Calif.) UMA network controller into its network convergence solutions for wireline and wireless operators. Both companies are engaged in UMA trials with major operators and will continue to collaborate on future network trials.UMA, a 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Program) standard, is an access technology that allows a seamless handoff of mobile voice and data from a wide area cellular network to a wireless local area network (WLAN). UMA enables operators to deliver high-performance, low-cost mobile voice, data and IMS services to subscribers over the broadband Wi-Fi access networks, increasing mobile service usage while decreasing costs for operators.With the rapid adoption of UMA as a 3GPP standard for cellular/Wi-Fi convergence, we are seeing tremendous demand for UMA products and services from operators,” said Rick Gilbert, president and chief executive of Kineto, in a statement.Previously, Nokia announced that Saunalahti, a leading Finnish operator, will be deploying a number of Nokia's convergence solutions, including UMA technology from Kineto, to offer services like VoIP and rich multimedia to both mobile and fixed telephony customers.

Rolling Meadows, Ill. — Ohmite Manufacturing Company has introduced its new HVC series of chip resistors that offers high-voltage capability in a surface-mount package. Designed to meet the requirements of Military Specification MIL-STD-202, the HVC series uses the latest in thick-film technology to meet high-voltage applications of up to 3,000 volts.

Available in a variety of industry standard package sizes, the HVC chip resistors offer a wide range of resistance values from 1 KΩ to 50 GΩ. They also feature a wide selection of tolerances from &plusmn1% to &plusmn10%, and low inductance.


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