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Hitachi Semiconductor(America) Inc. (800) 285-1601

Samsung is currently mass producing a 256-Mbit Network DRAM. The 400-MHz parts are expected to hit the market in the third quarter of 2003. Agere's PayloadPlus network processor family, aimed at 2.5-Gbit network designs, will supporting Samsung's memory solutions, the company said. Agere's 10-Gbit network processing architectures will also support Network DRAM solutions, Munoz said.

Three-Five Systems Inc. continues to partner with other suppliers of microdisplay components and subsystems in its quest to be a one-stop provider of liquid-crystal-on-silicon (LCoS) microdisplay modules and technology.

RN73H1ETTP4021F50_Datasheet PDF

The Tempe, Ariz., company's first announcement late last month was a licensing and development deal with Advanced Digital Optics Inc., a division of display supplier ViewSonic Corp., Walnut, Calif., to design a low-cost light engine for rear-projection microdisplays aimed at TV and monitor makers.

We want to make it easier for customers to get into the microdisplay business,” said Bob Melcher, Three-Five's chief technology officer.

Until recently, Three-Five-an LCD supplier that started building LCoS microdisplays a few years ago-offered only the LCoS display module and drive electronics. Melcher said that by supplying the complete light engine, from the lamp and power supply to the color management system and projection lens, the company will add value for customers by easing display design activity.

RN73H1ETTP4021F50_Datasheet PDF

In January, Three-Five entered an agreement with China Display Digital Image Technology Co. Ltd. to develop a light engine based on Three-Five's Brillian microdisplays.

Just selling the microdisplays itself is problematic,” said Chris Chinnock, an analyst at Insight Media USA, Norwalk, Conn. You need to offer a more complete solution, at least at the light-engine level.” Chinnock added that some OEMs are unable to design their own light engines because of their complexity.

RN73H1ETTP4021F50_Datasheet PDF

Changing technology also makes it impractical for OEMs to build their own light engines, Melcher added. Light engines have evolved rapidly over the past few years in a field where the smoke has not cleared,” he said.

In addition to marketing its own light engine directly, Three-Five will offer the engine as a reference design, enabling the user to customize it to a specific application. Three-Five will initially build a prototype TV based on the light engine and will consider using a manufacturing partner to build production units, according to Melcher.

But it'll happen. China has a solid university system and a history of sending graduates to Silicon Valley to gain battlefield experience at startups. Reference Taiwan and Korea, and you get the picture. It'll take a few years, but until then, the bison keeps munching away nearby.

A magnificent sight; just keep your hands and arms away from its mouth.

The Taiwanese government may be keen to regulate funds destined for China's investment-hungry chip industry, but by most accounts it appears that the horse has already left the barn.

Though difficult to quantify because of their clandestine nature, investments earmarked for China often pass through other countries first, according to industry observers, a practice that is not in itself illegal. Even were the loophole to be closed, it is unlikely that the Taiwanese government could expend the resources to prove that the funds originated in Taiwan.

Capital outflows through a third country are not easy to trace,” said Liu Te-shun, vice chairman of Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council, in an interview with EBN . It's hard to say how well it will turn out, but the government can still find something. It takes a lot of time and effort, but we will continue very aggressively all the way.”


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