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The center, located near Dusseldorf, has been renamed Atmel Duisburg GmbH. Terms of the acquisition were not released.

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The center, located near Dusseldorf, has been renamed Atmel Duisburg GmbH. Terms of the acquisition were not released.

VSIA is also considering creating virtual component standards for software blocks. We don't have any real solid effort into defining specifications at this point, but it is something under review by the System Level DWG,” O'Donnell said.

The organization also elected its Steering Working Group, adding Motorola's semiconductor products sector and Sonics Inc. as new members for the next two years.

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VSIA members also re-elected Alcatel, Cadence Design Systems Inc., STMicroelectronics Ltd. and Toshiba Corp.

Continuing members include ARM Ltd., Fujitsu Ltd., Mentor Graphics Corp. and Nokia Mobile Phones.

Help! I am in dire straits. Does anyone know anything about Microsoft Visio?

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To be honest this is a bit of a bummer, because if you had asked me only a week ago I would have claimed to be one of the world's experts in using this little rascal.

Honestly, over the years I have spent countless hours (many hundreds if not thousands) creating Visio drawings for use in my articles and technical whitepapers and PowerPoint presentations and books and … all sorts of things really.

456-V3-242-00-014101_Datasheet PDF

I don’t wish to be immodest, but I flatter myself that I've actually become rather good at using this little scamp. Take a look at an illustration I created for my book How Computers Do Math as shown below, for example (this is a shrunk-down version – the full-size drawing looks really tasty).

The problem is that, I started using Visio way-back-when in the mid-to-late 1990s. The last time I upgraded (until a few days ago) was to Visio 2003 (I remember the learning curve to this version was none-too-easy – it's hard when you know an earlier version to migrate to a later one).

Coincidentally, I had the privilege of being in Switzerland the day before the breakthrough and you can't imagine what a sense of nation pride and determination there is about things like this tunnel. The breakthrough would be televised, of course, major government figures would be there, and it was almost a national holiday (it got attention at least comparable to news about Paris Hilton's latest arrest here, that's for sure).

Actual construction on the project started in 1995, and it has about another seven years to completion; yet so far it is on time and on budget. The genuine respect and admiration shown by the population for the engineers was stunning, and very different than what we see in the US; the Swiss follow their engineers, while our news” is about the successes and tribulations of those Karadashian sisters.

Regardless of your thoughts of whether this Swiss tunnel is worth the cost versus its benefits, you have to admire the engineering expertise in planning and execution, as well as the long-term commitment. We don’t often see those attributes in projects these days.

Here we have tunneling on a scale which is very different in every aspect–size, commitment, cost, impact, science and engineering underpinnings–from the tunnel diode. We really need to give this other tunneling the attention and respect it deserves, of course. The other lesson is that a story with a high human-interest factor will get more world-wide attention that one without, regardless of relative size (thanks to the cultural impact of things such as Oprah and People magazine).


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