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Major lines: Aromat, Burr-Brown, C&K, FCI, Level One, Micro Switch, Molex, Omron, Phoenix Contact, Pulse, Samtec, Thomas & Betts

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Major lines: Aromat, Burr-Brown, C&K, FCI, Level One, Micro Switch, Molex, Omron, Phoenix Contact, Pulse, Samtec, Thomas & Betts

At Runtime Design Automation we are working with customers who are implementing a technique for automatic flow management we call runtime tracing. Essentially, it allows the design team to manage the thousands of files necessary to execute a large hardware or software project. For SoC design, runtime tracing is especially useful because it provides users with a complete graph of all the dependencies among the files in the design and supports automatic documentation of the operational flow, network computing and intelligent propagation of changes.

Wherever we have applied our technology, we have realized a substantial reduction in execution times vs. the traditional methods, while giving the designer a sense of powerful control over even the most complex flow. In the case of library characterization and QA, we have consistently reduced the time from two weeks to one or two days, depending on the availability of computing resources-that is, CPUs and software licenses.

4922-21K_Datasheet PDF

Until now, flow management has basically been overlooked. Before SoC design, manual techniques were adequate. However, with the current trend toward larger and more complex designs and the increased use of IP, design flow management is one area where designers not only can increase efficiencies but reduce uncertainty about the design itself. When getting to market first with the best product is necessary, designers need all the help they can get to ease the burden of complex SoC design.

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4922-21K_Datasheet PDF

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4922-21K_Datasheet PDF

North American calendar-year sales

In quantities of 10,000, the 10ns IS61LV25616 is priced at $10.95 each in a BGA package and $10.75 in a LQFP package. The same memory costs $10.45 each in a TSOP package and $9.95 in an SOJ package. In 10,000-piece quantities, the 10-ns IS61LV5128 costs $9.95 in an SOJ package and $10.45 in the TSOP package. Samples are now available with volume shipments beginning in the third quarter.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Flash memory is living up to its forecasts this year–and then some. This market, now probably the most closely watched chip category, will undoubtedly be the fastest growing IC market this year.

With this kind of growth, it shouldn't come as any surprise that the flash memory market is becoming increasingly crowded with additional competitors. While Intel and Advanced Micro Devices controlled this business five years ago and were still the leading suppliers last year, they now are facing stiffening competition for market share from other flash suppliers, both large and small, according to IC Insights.


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