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This acquisition is a major part of Orbotech's strategy for growth and diversification in its flat-panel display business.

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This acquisition is a major part of Orbotech's strategy for growth and diversification in its flat-panel display business.

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Sears Holdings recently completed a six-month trial using two-dimensional (2D) bar codes at a store in Marietta, Ga. Now, the project lead says results confirm the technology holds promise in the retailer's stores.

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During the trial, a handful of store clerks were given mobile handsets equipped with software that allowed them to read the Scanbuy EZcode on the label of tools and electronics. Thomas Emmons, Sears lead developer for strategic innovation, didn't have expectations before the trial got underway. This technology is definitely in our future, but were looking for the business case and waiting for major telecom carriers to get on board,” he says.

Sears wants to give consumers access to information in places they might not otherwise have. Emmons says 2D bar codes are less limiting than radio frequency identification, and when used for advertising and marketing can provide consumers additional information on media, such as videos, print circulars and television, the Web and more.

Scanbuy, a mobile marketing company focused on 2D bar codes, released survey findings this week that suggest consumers are ready to take the plunge. Eighty three percent of 1,000 U.S. mobile Internet users participating in the study said they would likely use Scanbuy's 2D barcodes. In fact, 82% felt the technology would make them more likely to use the Internet on their cell phones, highlighting simplified navigation as the primary benefit.

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Consumers who participated in the survey viewed a short demonstration of Scanbuy's 2D software, ScanLife, which sits on the phone. They were asked to measure their interest in 2D codes, as well as identify benefits and barriers to using the mobile Internet.

Research Now conducted the online survey. Research consultancy group Clear Ideas provided the data analysis. Only people who own a camera phone and accessed the Internet through a mobile phone at least once were eligible to participate.

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The next phase for 2D bar codes becomes purchases, according to Jonathan Bulkeley, Scanbuy chief executive officer. His vision puts a Buy” button on the consumer product goods (CPG) company's WAP site, next to the Sony TV specs and product review information. Clicking on the button would take the consumer to a secure Web site where the retailer stores credit card and shipping information. The consumer makes a purchase within two clicks. Backend supply chain software gives the store credit for the sale.

Getting software on cellular phones that read 2D bar codes has become the sticking point to adoption in the United States. People can download software to their phone, but if you want real adoption, carriers have to buy-in and put the app on the phone,” Bulkeley says. The carriers have been working collaboratively during the past year to figure out if they will add the software, and if so, what codes they will support.”

Working in conjunction with the two RF test instrument families is Version 2.0 of Keithley's SignalMeister˙ Waveform Creation Software, for creation of the entire range of signals in accordance with WiMAX and WLAN wireless connectivity standards and 3GPP and 3GPP2 cellular standards. First introduced in mid-2007, SignalMeister is a PC-based object-orientated waveform creation tool that allows engineers to create highly complex signals required for today's RF testing needs quickly and flawlessly. SignalMeister is the only waveform creation software tool available that uses an object-oriented graphical interface that is optimized for MIMO signals, allowing engineers to easily create basic and complex waveforms.

SignalMeister is an expandable software platform with a common user interface that allows creation of waveforms from multiple signal standards with optional additive signal impairments and channel modeling in a single environment. Users download the waveforms they create to any Keithley Series 2900 RF Vector Signal Generator.


SignalMeister can be downloaded from Keithley‚s web site at no charge; all units are available six to eight weeks ARO. For more information on any of Keithley‚s RF measurement products, visit or contact the company at: .

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