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The name is hardly new to the sector, but the company severely retrenched in 2000 when it sold its optical components operations, which were mainly for in-house applications, to Cisco Systems and Corning.

charge stored in a capacitor

The name is hardly new to the sector, but the company severely retrenched in 2000 when it sold its optical components operations, which were mainly for in-house applications, to Cisco Systems and Corning.

In addition to its small footprint, the CFM100 series also measures only 32.4mm in height, creating a very low profile solution with high power capabilities. CFM100 single-output power supplies achieve 85% typical efficiency. Available outputs range from 5V to 48V, with ±1% voltage accuracy and line and load regulation ±0.5% and +1% respectively.

The universal AC input, from 90V – 264V (rms), makes CFM100 models suitable for virtually any market world-wide. Power factor correction is also integrated, saving external components and helping meet power factor regulations pending in local territories.

charge stored in a capacitor

Protection features include auto-recovery over-voltage protection and continuous short circuit protection. Power failure protection includes 8ms output hold-up time, enabling the system to shut down safely. All models meet CISPR/FCC Class B standards for conducted EMI, provide 4.242Vdc input-to-output isolation, and leakage current less than 1.5mA. The CFM100 is CE approved, UL listed and TUV certified.

Ultimate Renaissance Ltd , Swindon, Wiltshire SN3 5HY, UK.

TOKYO — Matsushita Electric will begin marketing a 65-inch plasma display, said to be the largest available in consumer market, beginning in October here and in the United States. The company is aiming to solidify its top position in the consumer PDP market both in volume and size.

charge stored in a capacitor

Matsushita launched operations at its Ibaraki Fab 2 in Osaka in April. The fab has provided the base of Matsushita's aggressive PDP strategy of larger panels and higher volume.

Fab2 added a capacity of 40,000 42-inch panels a month and will add another 40,000 units next spring, bringing total annual capacity 1.5 million units. Glass substrates used at the Fab 2 can be cut up into three 42-inch panels. Existing fabs produce up to 50-inch panels; Fab 2 will enable Matsushita to offer larger panels up to about 70-inch.

charge stored in a capacitor

Matsushita became the top PDP supplier in the second quarter, according to DisplaySearch. The researchers said in a quarterly report that Matsushita overtook Samsung SDI to become No. 1 for the first time with a 23.1 percent to 22.5 percent advantage. It benefited from the simultaneous ramping of two PDP lines, one in Ibaraki [Ibaraki Fab 2], Japan and the other in Shanghai, China, resulting in the fastest supply growth of any supplier. It also benefited from strong internal demand and strong demand from a few select external brands.”

Matsushita projects that global PDP demand will grow to 5 million in 2005, 7 million in 2006 and 10 million around 2007 or 2008. It announced plans its Fab 3 plan in May.

In the first process step, a layer of sacrificial metal is deposited in a pattern corresponding to a cross-section of the device to be fabricated. Next, a second material is electroplated onto the substrate, completely covering the previous layer. Finally the two materials are planarized to yield a single two-material layer.

The same process is repeated many time, adding layer after layer until all cross-sections of the original 3D CAD design have been built in the structural material. After all layers are formed, a release etchant removes the sacrificial material, leaving behind the free-standing device.

Microfabrica (Burbank, Calif.) said it has already built a suite of micromachined devices for RF, optical and biomedical applications as well as microsensors and actuators.

Signal processing house RF Engines Ltd. (RFEL—Isle of Wight, Great Britain) announces an interesting product for test instrument vendors making spectrum analyzers. The company's SpectraChip IF is billed as a digital replacement for analog IF (intermediate frequency) filtering typically used in spectrum analyzers.

It's now available as an IP (intellectual property) core for embedding in FPGA s (field programmable gate arrays). The goal is to simplify and make less risky the embedding of high performance digital designs into spectrum analysis, whether it's for general-purpose test instruments or application-specific equipment.


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