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TDK a indiqué que la chute brutale des prix sur le marché des DVD et des CD enregistrables et les coûts matériels plus élevés ont conduit à sa décision de se retirer du segment des médias enregistrables.

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TDK a indiqué que la chute brutale des prix sur le marché des DVD et des CD enregistrables et les coûts matériels plus élevés ont conduit à sa décision de se retirer du segment des médias enregistrables.

According to DownStream (Marlborough, Mass.), the first shipment of the product included sales to a cross-section of the pc board industry, including pc board design and engineering groups, prototype manufacturers and contract manufacturers both in the U.S. and Europe.

BluePrint for PCBs 1.0 is available now, with prices starting at $12,000 per seat, DownStream said. More information about the product is available on the company's Web site.

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SAN FRANCISCO — The Silicon Integration Initiative (Si2) Tuesday (March 7) released the first deliverable from the Open Modeling Coalition (OMC) — version 2.0 of the Effective Current Source Modeling (ECSM) specification.

The ECSM has been at the heart of a controversy in recent months, as the prospect of competing current-source models has raised the possibility that designers and IC library vendors may be forced to juggle incompatible formats. The original ESCM model, developed by Cadence Design Systems in 2001, was subsequently donated to the OMC.

But Synopsys Inc. released its own Composite Current Source (CCS) model in 2004. Last November, Synopsys rolled out an enhanced version of the CCS model, calling it the first unified current source model for accurate and efficient modeling of nanometer effects.

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Synopsys donated its Liberty parser, database, application programming interface and characterization environment to Si2, and CCS is available to Si2 and anyone else through open source. But Synopsys is not part of the OMC team, nor is there a CCS working group.

Si2 (Austin, Texas) said Version 2.0 of ECSM specification was produced by the OMC working group, which includes representatives from Cadence Design Systems Inc., Freescale Semiconductor Inc., Intel Corp., LSI Logic, Magma Design Automation Inc., Silicon Navigator, Sun Microsystems and Virage Logic.

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Since the [OMC's] formation in September of 2005, they have produced their first deliverable, and are progressing rapidly towards a comprehensive library modeling system which will change the way design libraries are produced,” said Steve Schulz, Si2 president and CEO, in a statement. This collaborative effort by leaders in the EDA, IP [intellectual property] and IDM [integrated device manufacturer] sectors will ease the way as the semiconductor industry moves toward smaller process nodes.”

According to Si2, ECSM introduces accurate modeling capability by supporting a current source driver model, characterized as a voltage-versus-time and converted into a current source. The format provides additional cell characterization data for design libraries, Si2 said.

In comparison, Micron is making single-level cell (SLC) NAND devices down to 90-nm on 200-mm wafers, according to the analyst.

Dallas — The advent of multicore silicon has created an intense need for software-development tools that are aware of the chip's various cores. For its DaVinci digital video technology, Texas Instruments Inc. turned to MontaVista Linux as the initial operating system and to Green Hills Software Inc. for the integrated development environment (IDE).

TI's DSP code creation tool, CodeComposer, is part of the Green Hills package. TI executives said the overall development environment comes not from TI, but from its partnership with Green Hills (Santa Barbara, Calif.).

We are taking an OS-agnostic strategy with DaVinci,” Gregory Mar, the system-on-chip platform manager at Texas Instruments, said at the recent TI Developers Conference here. We felt like MontaVista Linux, with its great regression capabilities, was a good first choice for the OS. The second OS we will support is Integrity from Green Hills, with its security capabilities–that is important to the set-top-box customers, among others–and then WinCE also.”

The DaVinci platform includes a 300-MHz ARM926 controller, a 600-MHz TI C64X DSP core, as well as video accelerators, networking peripherals, four 10-bit D/A converters, and external memory and storage interfaces.


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