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The architecture developed at the University of Aberdeen was based on a type of neural network known as a self-organising map. The company calls the approach it uses now a modular map”.

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The architecture developed at the University of Aberdeen was based on a type of neural network known as a self-organising map. The company calls the approach it uses now a modular map”.

There's a lot of interest in the technology, but in this environment, we had to make some portfolio decisions,” a Motorola spokeswoman said.

The technology is being held for possible future use by Motorola Labs. The technology still exists but it has ceased regular business operations,” the spokeswoman said.

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Manufacturers and retailers had high hopes for the technology because of its potential to lower the cost of radio frequency identification (RFID). Motorola had teamed with International Paper Co., Procter & Gamble Co. and Massachusetts Institute of Technology to bring the technology to market.

Those efforts may have been overly ambitious, according to competitors in the RFID field speaking at the Frontline Solutions Expo in Chicago earlier this week. Some suggested that the technology's ink-based antenna wasn't efficient enough, and would require users to hold data readers just two or three inches from an ID tag in order to collect information.

Motorola said the demise of its BiStatix effort, which was announced internally in September, wasn't a question of technology. The electronics giant will have laid off 39,000 employees by year's end and is rumored to be considering the sale of its Semiconductor Products Sector.

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TOKYO — Fujitsu Ltd. today announced it has licensed two synthesizable, 32-bit RISC processor cores for use in integrated circuits inside portable multimedia products, such as digital cameras, personal digital assistants (PDAs), next-generation cell phones, and Internet appliances.

Fujitsu plans to use the ARM926EJ-S core, which contains ARM's Jazelle technology, to address applications for accelerated Java software execution and the ability to run platform operating systems–such as Symbian OS, microITRON, Windows CE, Linux and Palm–in cellular-phone handsets. The ARM946S-A will provide the Japanese chip maker with an optimized core for embedded control applications, such as hard disk drives and other storage devices.

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Terms of the licensing pact were not released by ARM, which is based in Cambridge, England.

With the rapid expansion of the wireless, network and multimedia appliance markets, we are seeing a lot of demand from our customers for system-on-chip (SoC) solutions integrating the low-power, high-performance ARM9 family of microprocessor cores,” said Toshihiko Ono, member of Fujitsu's board and group executive vice president in the company's Electronic Devices Group. He said Fujitsu believes it can provide optimum solutions for a broad range of customers within a short development time” using its internal development capabilities and the new ARM cores.

Lars Hultman, professor in thin film physics at Link?ping University and the research group leader, described the new material as a truly nano-structured material for advanced surface engineering”.

The carbon nitride film can be applied as a protective top coat on hard discs.

The protective layers also reduce mechanical wear and the accumulation of debris on the read/write head.

The team is currently trying to characterise the mechanical and electrical properties of the materials for future applications and to understand the chemical bonding of carbon and nitrogen in the material.


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