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Last month, security software vendor Symantec Corp. won a ruling over the IRS from the U.S. Tax Court in a similar case. Connolly said that ruling is not likely to have any bearing on the outcome of the Xilinx case.

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Last month, security software vendor Symantec Corp. won a ruling over the IRS from the U.S. Tax Court in a similar case. Connolly said that ruling is not likely to have any bearing on the outcome of the Xilinx case.

We have fulfilled a decade-long quest and shown that molecules can act as transistors.”

The research results were published in the December 24, 2009 issue of the journal Nature.

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PARIS — Australian design tool provider Altium announced it has named Roger Shen as the regional CEO of the company's Greater China business.

Altium said it has elevated the status of its Greater China activities from being a sales region to a regional business. The purpose, the company continued, is to help China's electronic designers move from imitating existing product and system concepts to being able to create new innovative electronic products.”

In a discussion with EE Times , Alan Smith, spokesperson for Altium, declared: By virtue of license piracy, Altium in fact has market leadership in China. Over the past 18 months, we have been running a license compliance program designed to encourage designers to convert to fully-paid copies of our current software on the basis of Altium providing greater value rather than a more legalistic approach. This program will continue to be a priority for Roger.”

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Smith further commented: But we also want to rapidly grow new business. China's electronics designerS are up to 30 years younger than many of their western counterparts, which means that China has a huge age advantage” that complements the sheer number of engineers that graduate each year. Altium needs to tap that potential in new ways, and we're planning new initiatives that Roger will manage and introduce into the China market throughout the coming year.”

Forming new relationships with the government, including as a customer, will be a priority, he added. Altium also plans to make investments in China to help China's electronics designers move away from made in China” to designed in China” as an important priority.

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For the year ending on June 30 2009, Altium reported sales of $7.8 million in Greater China, which for Altium is the PRC, the Hong Kong SAR, and Taiwan. This represented 15 percent of its sales worldwide and a growth of 13 percent year-on-year.

Smith specified: We don't provide forecasts or guidance on sales. In particular, I'm not able to do so in this quiet period. Having said that, though, China continues to represent a huge opportunity for Altium.”

''The rapid advancement of IC technology scaling, coupled with the increased demand for high speed circuit performance, are making it increasingly difficult to guarantee the commonly customer specified '500V' CDM specification. At the same time, the required static control methods available for production area CDM protection at each process step have not been fully outlined. Therefore, a realistic CDM specification target must be defined in terms of available and commonly practiced CDM control methods, and also must reflect current ESD design constraints,'' according to a JEDEC-approved white paper.

''By balancing improved static control technology specific to CDM, and limited ESD design capability in today's leading technologies, we recommend a CDM specification target level of 250 V. This is considered to be a realistic and safe CDM level for manufacturing and handling of today's products using basic CDM control methods. At the same time we show that the current trend of silicon technology scaling will continue to place further restrictions on achievable CDM levels. It is therefore necessary that we present a realistic CDM roadmap for consideration by the industry moving forward to the next two levels of scaled technologies approaching 22-nm and beyond,'' the paper said.

Now that the new guidelines are in place, is the electronics industry jumping on the new and reduced ESD levels within their IC products? Answer: Yes and no.

''We've made a lot of progress,'' said TI's Duvvury ''The change in the industry is slow, but the momentum is picking up. There are some OEMS that have accepted it.''

For years, OEMs have implemented ESD protection on three fronts: the system, the board and within the chip itself. On the system side, OEMs tend to use standalone ESD devices, designed to protect a sudden static surge within a specific I/O, connector or other component. ESD devices adhere to the IEC 6100-4-2 immunity requirements, which call for a 15,000 V air discharge level and a 8,000 V direct-contact specification.


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