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In fact, I'd bet that technologies such as ride-sharing apps and services will be much more disruptive to driving and car-buying habits in the next few years than EVs.

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In fact, I'd bet that technologies such as ride-sharing apps and services will be much more disruptive to driving and car-buying habits in the next few years than EVs.

That vision has fostered business ties like the 22-year relationship between Hammond and Sensormatic Electronics Inc., Boca Raton, Fla., a manufacturer of electronic security systems geared toward the retail, commercial, and industrial markets.

We partner with both Arrow and Hammond, but our strategy, like so many customers these days, is trying to do more with less, which sometimes means reducing the supplier base,” said George Rodriquez-Bez, global source team manager at Sensormatic. When you have a giant like Arrow that serves the same lines as Hammond, the question is why do we need the smaller distributor.”

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According to Hammond, it's a simple matter of better serving Sensormatic's needs, even though the distributor's limited line card can put it at a disadvantage. Nevertheless, Hammond's limited line didn't stop Sensormatic from signing an in-plant store agreement for its manufacturing facility in Puerto Rico more than four years ago. In fact, Hammond now supplies Sensormatic's Puerto Rican facility with most of the interconnect components it consumes.

And that scenario is being repeated elsewhere. [Hammond] also supplies our Ireland facility,” Rodriquez-Bez said. I wish they had the lines so we could do more business with them.”

Branching into new areas, Hammond Electronics has launched a Web site, Although the site has only contributed about 3% to the company's revenue to date, it is proving a valuable tool for increasing visibility and has led to monthly orders from 200 customers that would have otherwise been out of the company's immediate reach, Hammond said.

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Intel Corp. is changing alright, but in such incremental and deliberate ways, the process may be near conclusion before its rivals, investors, and many industry analysts realize the extent of the dramatic turnaround the current management is trying to execute.

Over the course of the next five to 10 years, and certainly before the end of this decade, I expect dramatic changes in the operating model of the company, its end-markets, as well as competitors and customers. The changes will determine whether it stays atop the global semiconductor market as the biggest vendor by revenue.

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For investors, the emerging Intel is already a puzzle, as evidenced in the weak valuation that followed the announcement of the company's fiscal fourth quarter results last week.

The Intel that is being refashioned out of the enterprise that has dominated the microprocessor market will be a manufacturing giant with unparalleled manufacturing resources and IP portfolio. It will become a leading semiconductor foundry and partner to many of today's OEMs — and future OEMs — in key telecom and data networking equipment markets. That Intel won't walk away from its traditional PC microprocessor business — unlike when it exited the memory semiconductor market. Rather, it will continue as the dominant supplier to whatever remains of its traditional PC microprocessor OEM customer base, but without the current overwhelming dependence on them for a majority of its sales.

We agree that it is important for companies to protect their patent portfolios,” said Wang. But in our view this is really a PR front more than it is a legal case.”

Lawsuits have been used in the past in the EDA industry to stifle competition, Wang said.

This tactic has been around forever,” said Smith of Dataquest. Patent law sucks — it stifles innovation.”

The recent court decision pitting Festo Corp. against Shoketsu Kinzoku Koygo Kabushiki Ltd. is huge,” said Smith. It sets a precedent that will allow a lot of companies, especially the emulation guys, to attack patents that are too general.”

SUNNYVALE, Calif.–W.J. (Jerry) Sanders III has extended his contract to be chief executive officer of Advanced Micro Devices Inc. for an extra four months until AMD's annual shareholders meeting in April 2002.


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