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Otellini reportedly presented Intel's defense to a statement of objections” issued against the microprocessor supplier by the EC.

SRR1260-330M_Datasheet PDF

Otellini reportedly presented Intel's defense to a statement of objections” issued against the microprocessor supplier by the EC.

Pricing has moved very rapidly, much more so than we thought,” Otellini acknowledged.

While the missed forecast mainly concerned the NAND memory market, it nevertheless calls into question projections about other Intel businesses. For instance, several analysts who track the company responded by promptly cutting their revenue and profit estimates Intel. They did so despite Otellini's assurances during his Investors' Day presentation that were intended to ease investers' concerns.

SRR1260-330M_Datasheet PDF

At least one analyst thinks Otellini is taking Groves' advice seriously. We are encouraged by management's apparent determination not to let this segment become a sustained drag on the company's overall performance,” John Barton, an analyst at SG Cowen Securities, said in a report.

Phoenix, Ariz. — ON Semiconductor has introduced the NCP312x family of dual-output pulse width modulation (PWM) buck regulators that offer unique auto-tracking and sequencing capabilities. Featuring integrated MOSFETs that deliver 2 amperes (A) (NCP3120, NCP3122) or 3 A (NCP3121, NCP3123) output current with switching frequency up to 2.2 MHz, the new devices are suitable for a variety of consumer applications including set-top-boxes (STB), LCD-TVs and cable modems.

The auto-tracking and sequencing features enable exact timing and control over both output channels. A DSP, FPGA or other signal processor requires multiple power supplies generating different voltage levels for core and input/output (I/O) peripherals and specific timing of each voltage. This timing control prevents latchup conditions that can cause immediate damage or even latent damage that produces failures in the field, said ON Semiconductor.

SRR1260-330M_Datasheet PDF

The NCP312x family offer programmable ratiometric, sequential and tracking control to manage the output voltage behavior during start-up and power-down. In addition, multiple NCP312x devices can also be daisy chained together to control multiple outputs.

NCP312x converters reduce input capacitance requirements by switching 180 degrees out-of-phase at a frequency of 200 KHz up to 2.2 MHz. The out-of-phase operation allows the use of a single low-cost electrolytic capacitor or ceramic capacitor for the input filter versus two capacitors in a standard configuration. The outputs can also be paralleled to provide a dual-phase, single-output regulator with low ripple voltage.

SRR1260-330M_Datasheet PDF

Pricing: The NCP3120, NCP3121, NCP3122, and NCP3123 devices are available in a QFN-32 package with pricing from $1.30- $1.55 each in quantities of 1,000.Product information: NCP3120, NCP3121, NCP3122 and NCP3123

ON Semiconductor ,

Based on an ARM926EJ-S CPU operating at up to 200-MHz, the TMPA910CRAXBG features a built-in LCD controller with support for TFT and STN display resolutions up to 1024 by 768 pixels and an LCD data processor that provides image scaling, filtering and blending functions and offers real-time video processing for video at up to 30 frames per second. The TMPA910CRAXBG MCU also integrates a CMOS image sensor interface to simplify implementation of an image capture function in embedded devices.

The TMPA910CRAXBG MCU uses a 7-layer multi-bus architecture so both code and data can be transferred quickly and efficiently. Even when the clock speed is lowered to save power, the multibus system can still operate independently with a minimal increase in overhead.

The ARM926EJ-S 32-bit RISC CPU core offers flexible size instruction and data caches and a memory management unit (MMU). It also provides separate instruction and data AMBA AHB interfaces particularly suitable for multi-layer AHB based systems. The ARM926EJ-S processor implements the ARMv5TEJ instruction set and includes an enhanced 16 x 32-bit multiplier capable of single cycle MAC operations. The ARMv5TEJ instruction set includes 16-bit fixed point DSP instructions to enhance performance of many signal processing algorithms and applications as well as supporting Thumb and Java byte code execution.

Additional peripherals supported by the TMPA910CRAXBG include a variety of functionality and connectivity solutions, such as SPI, UART, I²C, USB, a melody/alarm generator, RTC and a power management circuit.

The MCU offers 56 Kbytes of RAM for program, data and display memory, an SDR and DDR SDRAM memory controller, NAND flash interface, JTAG interface, and a high-speed (480-Mbit/s) USB device controller. The TMPA910CRAXBG also integrates an SD memory host controller that supports high-speed mode for interaction with SD memory cards with up to 32-GB capacities. The device is available in a 361-pin FPGA package.


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